about me

thoughts and things

why do painting?

It's a strange thing to realise that you might have great enjoyment in something previously so unknown. I would have considered myself a creative type, 

I mess about with pottery, I sing and I am genuinely almost definitely nearly at the end of a gigantic project to make several sets of roman blinds. 

But it's a lovely surprise to discover how much I love painting, and how satisfying it is to paint with watercolours.

I recommend it to you all. Well, that or chocolate cake.

my home life

The shortened version of my home life is as follows - I live in a wonderful house in Ealing with my husband and two kids who eat lots and keep growing. 

We have four magnificent and tiny dogs, three characterful cats and two mini hamsters. And a pond full of goldfish. We are also lucky to be able to have a lodger or two live with us from time to time. 

Things are good and things are hard, and if I stumble across a peaceful place then I am thankful.