this is a good place

I spent lots of joyful hours creating this collection of simple but very functional pieces. I designed them with our two dwarf hamsters for company, and several wandering cats (they love a keyboard). My aim was to produce things that I would love to wear and use myself, and I'm hoping you guys will love them too.

I'd like to buy some LouLou things

Do drop me a line letting me know what you'd like to buy and what size (if relevant). Also which artwork you'd like printed - cards, aprons and bags - and I'll be in touch super quick!

lovely things

take the easy route every now and then


life will throw you enough challenges

it's important to be kind to others

my philosophy is to work hard and do good

my philosophy is to work hard and do good

take time to slow down and ponder


this doesn't come easily to me but I acknowledge that